From Our Pasture to Your Plate

Do you ever wonder how your hamburger ends up in the grocery store?  At the Pee Dee Ranch, we treat our animals with respect from the day they are born on our farm, to the day they become your sustenance. 

We believe in what we do because ultimately, its what we put in our own bodies.  No chemicals, no hormones, no antibiotics. 100% environmentally sustainable because we manage our animals and our land the way that nature intended.

The meat that is marketed under the Certified South Carolina Grown, Pee Dee Ranch label comes from animals that were born and raised on our farm in Chesterfield County, SC. The day they left, they travelled to our USDA-Certified processor in Kingstree, SC.  Once processed and packaged, we deliver to our customers.

Why do we tell you this?  Because we believe in our farm, and we believe in our customers.  We want you to understand us, our farm, and our pledge to bringing the best product to your plate.  From our farm, to your fork.

This page updated February 5, 2014 Susan Griggs Photography and Design.