Organic vs. Grassfed Beef

There is often a misconception when it comes to discussing the attributes of organic vs. grassfed beef.  Sometimes, the two terms are used interchangeably when it isn't appropriate. 

Pee Dee Ranch raises grassfed Angus beef, lamb and goat, and is in the process of becoming USDA-certified organic.

Health is the primary distiction in the organic vs grassfed beef debate. Oftentimes consumers see an "organic" label and automatically think it is healthier, however this is not always the case!

The health distinction is important when looking at the animals diet prior to slaughter. Animals raised organically may still have a large component of grains (ie, corn) in their diet.  It is the overload of grains (organic or not) which produces those "unhealthy" levels of fat in traditionally raised beef.

What does this mean? Don't scoff organic beef (animals are still raised hormone, antibiotic and chemical-free), but remember that because of the absence of grain, grassfed beef is healthier. The take-away message? Beef that is organic and grassfed is ultimately the healthiest!

This page updated February 5, 2014 Susan Griggs Photography and Design.