Pee Dee Ranch Homepage

Welcome to the Pee Dee Ranch - a unique, family-run farm in Chesterfield County (Cheraw), SC.  We raise grass-fed beef, lamb, goat and pastured pork in a manner that is both environmentally friendly, sustainable and humane for our animals.  No antibiotics, hormones or chemicals are used as we transition into a USDA-certified organic farm.

Our priorities are protecting our natural resources (soil, water, plants) and the health of our animals.  A mixture of native grasses and forbs are grown in our pastures, mimicking the forages that used to thrive here centuries ago.  Native plants are better suited for our harsh summers, and survive better than pure stands of coastal, fescue or bahaia grasses. 

We believe that our customers take pride in not only knowing that their food is raised locally, but also that we are such good stewards of both the land and our animals.

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